How we got started and how we became Noblivest

How we got started and how we became Noblivest

Margaret spent 20 years working her way up the corporate ladder as an executive for media and market research firms before escaping the grind for real estate.  She realized over time that she was ready to give up the long hours and time away from her family working and traveling for another company. She jumped into real estate and obtained a residential real estate license with Keller Williams, which allowed her to control her time while working towards her passion. She has helped countless people and families purchase and sell their homes across CT and NY. She started her real estate investing career in multifamily, and founded MGH Investments in 2016 and has invested in properties in TX, NC, SC and IN. 

Christine knew fairly early on that corporate life wasn’t the best fit for her. After the first honeymoon year in any new job she had, the excitement quickly wore off with the long hours, highly competitive environment and unwelcome attitude towards thinking outside of the box. It wasn’t until 11 years and 2 children later in her career, did she finally take action to find another path. In late 2019, she started learning as much as she could about real estate. She purchased numerous books and listened to endless BiggerPockets podcasts to speed up the learning curve. By 2020, she was committed to jumping into this business. By that summer, she and her husband sold their primary home in NJ and purchased a duplex in NY to househack. This helped save on housing and living expenses, thus making leaving her job and pursuing real estate investing a slightly less risky endeavor. Along with that transition, she also purchased 4 rental properties in Philadelphia and invested in multifamily and mobile home park syndications across NC, SC, GA, FL and TX. 

How did Margaret and Christine meet?

It all started with LinkedIn. Christine didn’t know who to talk to or ask about investing in Real Estate when she first started, so she did a quick search in the search bar on LinkedIn– “Real Estate Investor”. Margaret was one of the first names that came up due to mutual connections and similar career backgrounds. Margaret very graciously responded and hopped on a call with Christine. After a couple calls, they decided to meet in early 2020 over coffee and chat about all things real estate. Margaret told Christine about the amazing things that come with Multifamily investing, and even brought her into her first deal as an LP. The friendship grew organically there, even keeping in touch during the pandemic and starting a 30-day meditation challenge together in a small group on text with Deepak Chopra. Even though they were both in different stages of life, there were still so many similarities not just in career transitions, but also in faith, values and family circumstances. Some time had passed as the pandemic led people to stay home and social distance. The hot real estate market in CT and NY kept Margaret busy, and acquiring and managing rental properties took much of Christine’s time. By early summer 2021, as everything started opening up more they reconnected over a delicious lunch and caught up on life, kids and real estate. It was then they discovered their long term goals were still focused very much on multifamily. Margaret was doing very well as a real estate agent, but it wasn’t the long term plan. She hoped to scale back and retire early with multifamily syndications. Christine was ready to move on from the rentals business and scale with multifamily properties. They decided, why not partner?!

After many months of planning and brainstorming, Noblivest was born. We wanted our company to stand for what we felt was most important to us, faith, family and integrity. While real estate is a common vehicle to wealth, we didn’t just want to build a nest egg for our own families, we wanted to bring impact to those around us too. We wanted to help open doors to our investors and their families to another stream of passive income and an investment strategy that outperforms what banks and traditional brokerages offer. We wanted to improve and create communities with apartments and homes that are clean, safe and comfortable to the families we cater to. We hope to use our profits to support families and women of children with disabilities and special needs, helping them navigate the complex world involved with that as it is a cause very close to us and our families. We would like to champion other women like ourselves to financial literacy, especially concepts that are not commonly taught in schools or spoken about. 

We have personally seen the benefits of investing in real estate syndications. It is our goal to discover the opportunities for us to invest alongside with you, while creating a platform to inform and educate on the concepts around real estate and syndications.

We look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey as the Noblivest tribe! We are always here to support you, so please don’t hesitate to book time with us for a chat. We would love to hear about your investing goals and whether this amazing strategy fits into your long term goals!


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